Premature Ejaculation (PE) defines as when a man ejaculates before or shortly after sexual penetration and before his partner wishes. Or in other word, you ejaculate too quickly.

Like this guy in the video.


That is funny, right? If I one of the competitor I think I have a chance to win this game.

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From Ju Culas
Former Premature Ejaculation Sufferer
& The Author

Dear my lovely friends,

In reality, sexual intercourse is exactly not a racing game. In the sexual intercourse, the fastest one is a LOSER. And the most losers must be men. Is I am right??

Life as a man is full with ego that is always high. We will not lose to women in any field. But in sexual intercourse, why we lose to women?? Where is our high ego?? Where we put it??.......maybe at women's feet.

Why we lose to women in this case?? The only answer is Premature Ejaculation. It is not a problem if your partner is Okay with this. But how could you fulfill your partner wishes? There is no use if you have big and long penis but unable to give your partner sex satisfaction and sex pleasure.

“When you ejaculate too soon, automatically your partner will not satisfy in sexual intercourse”.

Even if she said she is already satisfied. That is a big lie just to make you happy. But the effect is only she will suffer, not you. And someday she will leave you alone. Be careful!!

The aim of sexual intercourse for women is just for sex satisfaction only. They not to ejaculate seed like man. Never care about their ovum, just want to feel sex pleasure as much as they can.

Women need a relatively long time for sexual stimulation to achieve satisfaction. Most said about at least 15 minute stimulation time needed for women to orgasm/climax and they can orgasm multiple times.

With this conditions, how could we give our partner sex satisfaction if we had premature ejaculation problem?? So, as a man it is our responsibility to find the way to cure the premature ejaculation problem.


Causes of Premature Ejaculation

From the survey, 1 in 3 men worldwide suffer this problem. So, this can be said as a common problem faced by every man. Premature ejaculation is normal and should not signify that you are not healthy or diseased.

Most experts do not give what is actually causing PE. But I will share with you the causes of PE that I had experienced before. Maybe this will be same with what you had;

  1. Urge to ejaculate - During masturbation, when your penis get little stimulation and that is enough, you don’t need to hold your ejaculation. Just let it go!
  2. High Desire to having sex – When you having your first sexual intercourse or long time not having sex. This is most common in younger man. From my first sexual experience, I was ejaculated when my girlfriend just touching my penis. This embarrassing me.
  3. Stress, fear and anxiety - Many reason that causes a man stress, fear and anxiety. For example, When you having sex in the car. You and your girlfriend are afraid of getting caught by police. No need for long sexual intercourse.
  4. Penis skin is too sensitive - The Glans is extremely sensitive and contains numerous nerve ending. With little and short stimulation can easily make you ejaculation.

But, why the married man who are familiar with sex and had no pressure and the level of sex desire less but still experienced premature ejaculation?? The answer is because the penis skin was created extremely sensitive to stimulation. If you don’t believe it, let see the methods how to overcome the premature ejaculation.


How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation??

There are several fast methods on how to overcome PE:

  1. Use Condom - By using condom, man can reduce the stimulation of the penis which should prolong the time before ejaculation. According to the study, condom user will last 3 minutes longer than those not wearing a condom.
  2. Anesthetic Cream - Contain an anesthesia that absorb into the penis skin. This  anesthesia will numb the penis which will causes the penis less sensitive to the stimulation.
  3. Sex Position - Some intercourse positions put less stimulation on the penis glans. Try passive positions. Lie beneath your partner or try a side-by-side or spooning position.
  4. Control the stimulation level - During intercourse, use that knowledge to slow down or adjust your movements if you get too close too early. Depending on your personal sensitivity, slowing your movements and opting for gentler, more teasing intercourse can help you hold off orgasm longer. If you find yourself getting too close to orgasm, slow down for a bit, change to a new position, or take a break to stimulate your partner in other ways.
So it can be said the premature ejaculation problem was due to penis is too sensitive to stimulation. Look at the ways of overcoming premature ejaculation as stated above, all the steps is to reduce and control the sensitivity of the penis during stimulation. This was destined the penis has created too sensitive to stimulation.


But why this just happen to you? Not the other men? Because the levels of sensitivity of penis are different for each man.

Your penis too sensitive compare to other men. And your penis sensitivity is same with my penis. Please don’t blame your penis. I never blame my penis because I love it. There is the way how to manipulate this sensitivity. You will find soon.


How could I cure my PE??

You can choose 4 fast steps as stated above. I will not say those steps never worked like others. Yes, it worked. I already experienced all those steps. But those steps will cost you and limit your sexual intercourse activity.

If you use condom, you just add 3 minutes more. But women need at least 15 minutes. How much it will cost you to buy condom and how long you should depend on it? Women actually don’t like penetration with condom. We didn’t notice when the vaginal liquid was dry.

If you use anesthetic cream, that will numb your penis. You will not feel sex pleasure as usual. Only your partner experienced sexual pleasure. It can also cause a distressing skin reaction, with intense itching, redness and soreness.

If you choose sex position, you just can use passive positions which you work alone and your partner just relax.  This will limit you to do other sex positions and sex skills.

If you choose to control stimulation level, only you know the sensitivity of your penis. You will ejaculate if your partner lead the sex movement. Women like fast sex movement to get much more pleasure.

You can combine those 4 steps which one you like but there still cost you and limit your sexual intercourse activity. Or you already bored with those steps like me??


YOU CAN USE MY TECHNIQUE. The technique on how to manipulate your penis sensitivity. Yes, the main cause of premature ejaculation is penis too sensitive to stimulation. So, why not we cure it by manipulating the penis sensitivity. No more need to control stimulation to get less sensitivity.


Introducing to you!!!


A technique which is allows men to feel an orgasm without any ejaculation. This technique will separates orgasm and ejaculation. Sexual pleasure can be felt fully without move out any semen.

The technique of Dry Ejaculation introduced to erase the problem of premature ejaculation without removing the sensitivity of your penis.

You will be taught the techniques to not ejaculate while still enjoying all the pleasures of sex without the use of quick ways to overcome premature ejaculation as stated before. You can do your sexual intercourse as long as you want. You will become last longer man. Only the excitement that will surround you when you try this technique for the first time. That's my promise.


Are you interested?? Want to cure your premature ejaculation immediately and permanently?? Want to learn this technique?

YES, you can learn it from this eBook.



Dry Ejaculation (DE) eBook

eBook Cover

What contain in this eBook??

In summary, the Dry Ejaculation eBook contains 6 chapters where you will be explained about life of sex and the sexual intercourse, the differences of sexual intercourse satisfaction between men and women which are totally different. You will understand what are Premature Ejaculation and the causes and how to overcome it. You will be explained in detail in terms of the structure and function of the penis. What actually the penis is?....muscle or tissue. How erection occurs and why can ejaculate too quickly. You'll also be able to understand the actual mechanism of ejaculation, what is contained in the semen, what the cause of the occurrence of ejaculation is and how it can ejaculate. Once you understand all of the above mechanisms, I will be teaching you the steps to do this Dry Ejaculation technique with confidence without a doubt. By referring to the pictures with detailed descriptions will facilitate your understanding and how to practice. No need exercise or training to do this technique. Just in minute you can do it. This technique is suitable for all men who can be applied in any situation such as sexual penetration, oral sex and masturbation. There are also questions and answers to resolve the confusion that will arise for you to do this technique.


Why You Need Dry Ejaculation?

star When you ejaculate, more energy used and you will lose a lot of semen which can cause of drowsiness, thirst and fatigue. This situation makes your penis difficult for the occurrence of erection for the next intercourse because of the recovery process takes a long time, this results in loss of desire for sex.

star Have you ever felt pain like indigestion in your testes after ejaculation of semen, this happens because your epididymis has lack of sperms.

“Time for testes to produce sperm is 72 days. Don’t waste its”.

star If having dry ejaculation no semen come out and only short recovery process needed. You can continue your long sexual intercourse and your testicles will not feel indigestion.

star If you noticed when you were not having sex / masturbation for a long time a lot of sperm is produced and stored. Desires for sex is high and when once you ejaculate the amount of semen out is too much. Different if after ejaculation of semen or after you lose semen, sexual desire is low.

star And when you do dry ejaculation, sperm content is increased and desire for sex remains high. This is the reason why the recovery process was short. So you can have sex more often.

star This technique is your secret. Your partner will not know you are doing this technique and will think you are great in bed because you can last longer in sex intercourse. Until now my partner didn’t know that I’m doing this technique during intercourse.

star You are escape from premature ejaculation problems and able to enjoy intercourse with even longer.


I will offer you the BONUS.

But not in nonsense eBook like the others do. I will attract you by offering you the bonus in terms of Advantages of Dry Ejaculation

yes No bad effects on yourself and your penis. This is my own experience of over 10 years of using this technique. If you still have doubts go and see a doctor.

yes You can control the birth without use of condoms and not to worry about your partner will get pregnant. "No sperm no birth".

yes You can have multiple orgasms. Give you much more sex pleasure.

yes Suitable for those who have a high sexual desire. Can have sex more often. Very suitable if you have more than one partner.

yes Can save your money from buying condoms, anesthetic gel, drugs, alcohol, etc.

yes You do not need to use anesthetic gel / sensation cream. Fully able to enjoy sex pleasure rather than to reduce the penis sensation.

yes You do not need to massage / squeeze your penis to reduce sensitivity in your penis. This sensitivity certainly can not be removed because too many nerves ending in the penis head.

yes Can avoid taking pill/stimulant drugs which have adverse effects even it can give longer erection for penis.

yes Drugs and alcohol can provide a long-time sexual intercourse. But sexual pleasure and sensation can not be felt and enjoyed.

yes No need long time training or exercise to master this technique. Just in minutes.

yes Easy for older men to regain their erections because they do not lose their semen.

yes Can provide real sex satisfaction to your partner. No more premature ejaculation.


Who should use the Dry Ejaculation (DE) Technique??

Male All men who had the Premature Ejaculation. Yes, you should use DE Technique to erase your PE problem permanently. Also you will get the advantages of using this technique as you read above. More profit, right?

Male Young man who like to masturbate. For sure, you don’t like when semen out. It can make your bed dirty and wet. So, do this technique. You also can often do masturbation.

Male If you planning for first date and want to having sex with your new girlfriend, but your PE might make you worry. Worry it could embarrassing you. Just learn this DE technique before your date. With this technique, you will feel like bring a pistol. No more afraid to anyone. Your self confident will higher.

Male You are the great man who has more than one partner. More partners will make you lose more sperms if you ejaculate. For sure, your libido will low if you ejaculate. So, don’t waste your sperms. Why not save your sperm for more often sexual intercourse?

Male You are the older one. After you ejaculate your sperms, you will lose your penis erection. It will take long time for you to get your erection back. But with this DE technique, you not lose your sperms and so easily get back your erection.

Male You are someone with very high sex desire, like to do sexual intercourse more often. Ejaculation will make your sex desire lower. Yes, losing semen will make your sex desire decrease. Why not just do Dry Ejaculation??

Male If you a girl or wife which has a boyfriend or husband who suffered the Premature Ejaculation problem. Don’t need to leave him for another partner. I know you love him very much. Just buy this for him as a gift. And you also can get benefit from it.


How much the cost of this eBook??

I could easily charge $50 for this eBook. But, with the intent to help men out there especially YOU who suffer from premature ejaculation problem, I will not burden you with a high price. If you order right now, you’re going to get the lowest price….....

Just A One-Time Measly $10.00!!

To put the investment in perspective, you realize that’s the price is lowest compare the costs of you spend for
....condoms……or anesthetic creams.….or pills/stimulant drugs…..or alcohols






What they say about this eBook

I can't believe it. For years I suffer this premature ejaculation, but I can cure it in just minutes. Thank you so much!!


Very skeptical at the first. After first try your technique, very excited. My PE gone forever.


You save me!! and the important is you save my money. I've made the right investment on your stuff.





Still hesitant to get this eBook?

Just imagine, just once invested, until the end of life you can practice this technique and your premature ejaculation problem is gone forever.

If you are the user of condoms, anesthetic gels, pills, drugs and alcohols, you do not need all of these anymore if you know this Dry Ejaculation technique. How much can you save??

If you’re still on the fence about it, let me help make the decision easier by tacking on my golden guarantee.

Purchase this and go through it immediately.

After you finish reading, if you unable to do Dry Ejaculation and you don't feel like you've already gotten your moneys worth, I demand you contact me and I will return every penny of your purchase to you, quietly and promptly, no questions asked.


Better still, take a full 60 days to evaluate, use, and benefit from the product.

REMEMBER!!! Your partner is seeking for sexual pleasure. As of today what you give for her sexual satisfaction. Or you just want to wait until occur dishonesty or she leave you for other man???






Ju Culas
10 years experienced of Dry Ejaculation Technique

If you have questions, please email us right now at: admin@dryejaculation.com

P.S. All the techniques in “The Dry Ejaculation eBook” are 100% tested and guaranteed to work for you, as they have for others.

P.P.S. YOU CAN DO THIS, you just need someone to show you how, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do for you!